Whakanui wedding couple

A weddings celebration ceremony is for couples of any gender. It follows your legal marriage or partnership formalities, either the same day or some time afterwards.

It gives you freedom to move away from traditional restrictions, allowing you to celebrate where and when you want too.


Whakanui commitment couple

A commitment celebration is a public declaration of life-long love and dedication between two people without the legal requirements of marriage.

This is for couples who wish to share their love and commitment with family and friends or hold in private without guests.


Whakanui renewal couple

A Renewal of Vows celebration is for couples who are married or in a civil partnership and wish make new vows to each other or reaffirm their original vows.

Your ceremony can be held anytime, anyplace, anywhere e.g. in a private house, in a marquee or out in the open air.

Bespoke wedding and family ceremonies anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

If you can say “Yes” to any of these situations, a Whakanui Celebration Ceremony is for you!

  • You want your ceremony in a private house or garden
  • You want the ceremony outside, perhaps overlooking a lake, by the sea, or maybe in a marquee
  • You want to get married abroad but also want to share your wedding celebration with friends and family when you return
  • You want your ceremony in a particular venue that is not licensed for marriages or civil partnerships
  • You want to include cultural, religious or symbolic elements which have special meaning to you but are not allowed in a civil marriage ceremony
  • You want to invite more guests than can be accommodated in your house, at a register office or licensed venue.