Whakanui Renewal Couple


A renewal of vows ceremony designed for any married couple wishing to celebrate renewing their marriage vows and commitment to each other, with family and friends or in private, in a unique and personal way, either by choosing to make new vows to each other or reaffirming their original vows.

The ceremony is very flexible, as there is no legal status, it is a personal statement by a couple;

  • to commemorate a special wedding anniversary
  • the number of years together
  • their continuing affection, love and commitment to each other
  • or because they got married abroad and want a formal ceremony in the UK that involves family and friends

A renewal of marriage vows ceremony may be the perfect option for you. It can be held anytime, anyplace, anywhere, such as private houses, in a marquee or out in the open air.

You can have any type of ceremony you want. You may wish to exchange rings or gifts, choose readings or poetry or select music that is special to you. Important people in your lives, like your children, guests who were at your wedding and friends and family can also take part in the ceremony.

The presentation of a commemorative certificate will mark the perfect end to a meaningful and touching ceremony.